First few steps

First few steps

RP 25 Realmer Points

A member recently started contributing to RPGRealm, engaging in forums, writing content, and sharing game insights.

7 Steps

  • Activated account 1 time
  • Change profile avatar 1 time
  • Change cover image 1 time
  • Update profile information 1 time
  • Comment on a post 1 time
  • Reply to a topic 1 time
  • Daily visit the website 2 times
Getting around

Getting around

RP 100 Realmer Points

Awarded to users who actively explore and engage with diverse sections of the site, contributing valuable content across forums, articles, and discussions.

4 Steps

The right path

The right path

RP 250 Realmer Points

Awarded to users who not only explore and contribute across the website but also demonstrate in-depth knowledge and leadership.

9 Steps

  • Unlock “Getting around”
  • Publish an activity post 3 times
  • Accept a friendship request
  • Publish an activity post in a group
  • Reply a comment in a group
  • Daily visit the website 30 times
  • Comment on a post 5 times
  • Reply to a topic 10 times
  • Create a new topic 5 times

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